Charlotte Rogers

Painting Number: 92


24-year-old Charlotte Rogers followed @ThePaintRoom after she saw one of our posts in online, and instantly loved our work. After being nervous to send a picture in, she eventually bit the bullet and ordered a custom commission of herself.

Why @ThePaintRoom?


“I'd wanted to order (a commission) for a while but I really wanted to lose weight first as I had the impression I'd look better in the painting. I'd lost a little bit of weight when I first messaged but no way near the amount I wanted to, but I thought f*** it! With Christmas around the corner and my slight increase in confidence I decided to order one for my boyfriend as a Christmas present and I'm SO glad I did! I honestly haven't stopped looking at the pictures since you sent them across, and I can't wait to hang it up on the wall in our bedroom.”

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SENDING NUDES: Thoughts, Tips & Tricks


“I had a look at a few of your previous paintings before I attempted to take a nude for my commission to be honest, this gave me an idea of roughly how I wanted it to look. After this, I found taking a picture in a mirror worked best for me, I don't normally take many nudes so it wasn't easy! …I panicked sending across a full nude so kept my underwear on, but that was more me feeling uncomfortable within myself rather than being sceptical.”

The Aftereffects


“My confidence has definitely increased since having the painting commissioned. As sad as it sounds, my emotions were a bit all over the place, I couldn't believe it was me! I'm so excited to give it to my boyfriend as a gift on Christmas however, since having it done and seeing the final product, I genuinely believe it's more of a present for me because it's really helped with my self-confidence…


…I struggled with my confidence and body positivity before getting this painting done… I wasn't even going to message you because I didn't think I had the right body shape or didn't look good enough to get a painting of myself commissioned. It was a good 6 weeks before I finally messaged and even then, I didn't send a picture through until the day before you needed it! However, I'll honestly say it's one the best things I've done and definitely worth the money. Seeing such an amazing painting made me realise that I do actually look good naked!”

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