Denise Branscombe

Painting number 74 


When Denise’s daughter first showed her @ThePaintRoom’s work on Instagram, she loved the content that she saw. We decided to ask Denise a few questions about her experience with @ThePaintRoom and share her story with other women who may be interested in purchasing an original commission. 


First Impressions of The Paintroom:


“I love the content and the fact I could have a nude photo of me and my husband, that didn’t show all my scars and cellulite… Right from seeing your page just loved how you portrayed all different sizes and shapes of women.”


What’s your story?


“Me and my husband have been together 20 years we are very fortunate that we adore each other. He’s seen me at my best and worse I wanted to give him something different,

special. Something that shows strength and being held shows trust and love. This is why I wanted this sort of painting, I believe it portrays this.”


Sending a nude: Thoughts, Tips & Tricks


“I was fine - not sure why I thought it was ok to send you a nude photo. It was like you’re a professional you’ve seen all bodies  as I saw from your page, so it didn’t bother me at all. And when you get to my age and your body has been through so much, and its been prodded by so many professionals it becomes second nature.” “I used a tripod and Bluetooth connection so we could get the best photo possible. It worked a treat and we couldn’t stop laughing as he didn’t know why I wanted the photo. He just thought “my lucks in!”.

The aftereffects 

“I felt very proud actually that I put myself out there, when I look at the painting it shows strength, trust, love. And even after 20 years my husband still sees me as sexy. I’m 54 and I think the painting looks great, so it gave me a boost in my confidence. I had no problem putting it on my Instagram and Facebook pages…the way you paint the painting is true to likeness but the colours and the silhouette way you paint looks amazing. So whatever size and shape the paintings are flattering.”