Emma Tudor

Painting number: 75


Emma saw one of @ThePaintRoom’s paintings on their friend’s Instagram story, and loved the aesthetic of the artwork. She was keen to support a small business during lockdown and after seeing so many others on the page, she decided to commission her own painting.



SENDING NUDES: Thoughts, Tips & Tricks


“I did feel a bit awkward, but I just kept thinking of all the other people that would've sent you nudes and that made me feel more comfortable and trusting…


I would say definitely try to remember that you're sending your nude to an artist so they're going to be looking at it from an artist’s position, it doesn't need to be perfect (otherwise you could be there for hours). Pose in a position that feels comfortable for you, but I would recommend the mirror and keep your head of out of the shot because sometimes that helps with confidence.”

Why The Paintroom?

“I loved the idea of being able to have a piece of artwork that was so personal and unique to you which you could also show off. I think for me personally, a realistic nude painting would've been too much to show off, so this was perfect! The paintings are also so empowering so it was nice as a little treat during lockdown and you can match the colour scheme to your interior.”








The Aftereffects


“Once I saw my finished nude painting in person, I felt amazing. From deciding to putting my order in to worrying about the nude picture I sent it all felt worth it. I haven't had a chance to put it on the wall yet but every time I get a glimpse of it, it makes me smile. I will definitely be ordering more to go with it in the future…


This is definitely an experience I would recommend to someone struggling with self-confidence because it's not just a painting of you naked so you don't need to worry too much about what you think you look like because with the colours and style it will make you feel amazing plus, it's so appropriate to put it on your wall in your room / house so you can see it every day and feel empowered!”