Hannah Harrison

Painting Number: 6, 7 & 27


19-year-old Hannah knew after scrolling through @ThePaintRoom’s Instagram feed that she wanted a custom commission. She said that even though they were ‘only paintings’, the women looked so confident and free that she wanted to feel the same.

Why @ThePaintRoom?


“I love how bold and bright your page is and that you have lots of Instagram stories of your beautiful work… you also made me feel so comfortable after I first messaged you that I knew it was the right decision and I couldn’t be happier that I’ve bought a commission. I’d already seen how amazing other people’s pictures had turned out so I knew I could trust you and would love the final product.”

Sending a nude: Thoughts, Tips & Tricks


“I would suggest a self-timer or a video of a range of poses then screenshot the poses you like most from the video- literally just go for it, maybe have a drink before if you’re nervous but the end product is so worth a few nerves in the beginning.”


The aftereffects


“I was raped last year and wanted to feel as though I had my body back again. The paintings made me feel amazing and I well and truly have and own my own body again…


…I only felt a dash of nerves at the start, but those nervous feelings were quickly replaced with relief - not only did I have my body back - but I had a beautifully confident looking painting of myself. It genuinely brought me to tears after being sent the picture of the painting, let alone when I received it in person shortly after. If ever I am feeling low or down, I just take a minute to look at my painting and it genuinely makes me feel calmer, happier and more secure with myself and my body. To see such a beautiful and colourful painting look so confident is amazing, let alone when it’s of you! It really helped me feel comfortable in my own skin which I will forever be grateful for.