Olivia Young 

Painting Number: 84&85

 21-year-old Olivia has her own home-made terrarium business. She’d been following @ThePaintRoom for a while before she decided to buy an original commission, and said it wouldn’t be her last time buying one.


Why The Paintroom?


“Having yourself painted in such a way lets you take in your body in Awe. An artist has painted your body for what it really is, art! Especially, I love your style how it’s so realistic but filled so abstractly it makes you really feel powerful and beautiful. Having my nude on my wall and having my family and friends tell you how amazing they look - even though my family don’t know they’re my naked body lol – really, really makes you feel powerful and unstoppable. I couldn’t recommend it enough. I chose colours that I would be able to have in my home forever. The past few years too I have really learnt to shop local and small so I wanted to know my money was going to someone who would appreciate it, not just to one massive corporation.”


What’s your story?

“I’ve struggled with various eating disorders from 14-20 and although I got so much better in the last few years, I knew I hadn’t completely gotten rid of my old habits. However, this year really felt like my year (in terms of my ED, not COVID lol) and I really feel like I’ve recovered completely…

I’m also really into weight lifting and after having a flat ass for years due to starving it, I wanted to capture my 21 year old gym-built bum and untouchable body confidence so that I can look back when I’m 50 and think “wow you really did that” and “remember how happy you were”. It’s been a good year for me, and I just wanted a way to remember it.”


Sending a nude: Thoughts, Tips & Tricks


“It’s a little nerve wracking at first sending a nude to someone you don’t know over the internet, but from looking at your page and your activity you can really see you’re legit and not some old man trying to leak nudes! I felt completely at ease sending you a nude because you communicate in such a professional way… 


I used my iPhone camera, turned it to front camera and used the screen record function to video myself moving into different poses. I then watched the video back in pause and moved along the video screenshotting any poses I liked. Would be easier if they had someone to take the photos for them but that’s not always doable!”

The aftereffects 


“I felt excited from the second I started messaging @ThePaintRoom until I had them hung on my wall, it was an experience from start to end not just buying a product. I wanted to show them off to everyone. I was thrilled, excited, giddy, and honestly a little bit nervous as I’d never bought myself something for that much money before and I wanted to love them! I couldn’t be happier with them, thank you so much!”