The first and most fun step of the commission process is choosing the colours and style you’d like you commission painted in!
most people choose colours which go with the colour scheme of their houses or bedrooms, others decide to have themselves painted in their favourite colours! However, if you’re unsure on what colours you’d like or if they would work well together feel free to drop me a message and we can have a chat about what might look best!

There are three styles to choose from when it comes to deciding the look of your painting, these are; a block style (more of a pop art vibe) a blended style (smooth colours all blended together and with one another) and the realistic style (painted in realistic colours of the skin. However, this does have an additional charge, due to the amount of extra time these take to complete) 

BLOCK:                                                                        BLENDED:                                                                         REALISTIC:

























_DSC0642 copy.jpg
_DSC1344 copy.jpg

STEP 2: 
I am able to do most canvas sizes upon request but do please allow a bit extra time if you’d like a specific or very large size. The most popular standard sizes which I always have stock of are the 30x40cm the 40x50cm and 50x60cm (all these sizes are available in the block, blended and realistic style.) I do offer A4 canvases but due to their small size these are only available in the block style. 


STEP 3: 


This is the step where you decide if you would like the figure in the painting to be of yourself or a more general figure...



If you choose for your painting to be of yourself you have two options with how this can be done

  1. SEND A PHOTO: Send a nude (or with underwear) photo of yourself in the pose that you would like to be painted in. this is the most popular method of commissions as it gives the most accurate results. 

  2. DESCRIBE YOUR BODY: simply say the pose you would like to be painted in and describe the sort of body type you have, and features which will make it personal to you. 



Some people opt to have their painting of a random figure as they don’t want a painting of themselves and this is totally fine! If you don’t want it to be of you simply just describe the type of body you would like and the pose you’d like it in. 

If you are interested in booking in for a commission you can either drop us a message on Instagram or fill in the form below!

STEP 4: 


Once you have decided all of the above, drop me a message stating that you would like a commission done with the details listed above. This way I can give you a better pricing as well as a more accurate turn-around time. Once we have had a chat about everything and we have got to know each other a bit better then I can book you into a time slot that suits you! I will let you know when my next available slot is and we will go from there! I will message you before or as I get started on your painting so you know its being done!

STEP 5: 


Once your commission is done I will drop you a message to let you know, along with some photos of the completed painting so you can see the end result. I will then ask for payment through bank transfer plus an additional fee of £6 for postage and packaging! I do also offer weekly and monthly flexible instalments for payments which are designed to work with you so please let me know if you would like to opt for this method of payment. Once this payment has gone through I will book delivery and it should arrive within 3-5 working days from that date!