Excerpt from Something You Call Ugly

Poem By Madi, @thedragonhasmyheart

Where you see all your flaws

I see beauty I can't deny

Just because I love you

Doesn't mean I’m blind

You're the one who doesn't see

Perfection in its purest form

Imperfect spells I’m perfect

And to me that's what you are

Unique qualities that make you lovely

I find beauty in something you call ugly

Excerpt from Scars

Caressing each other’s body with a gentle touch, we both forget our insecurities, allowing our flaws to be admired as the unique brushstrokes of a gorgeous painting. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and we have both discovered our own definition of undeniable perfection.

As we find comfort in the loving embrace, our hearts beat in sync. Our hands explore every inch of the other's body, and we mark skin with affectionate lips. All else disappears from our minds, all worry fades, and nothing is left but love, acceptance, desire, and gratification.

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