The Voice- A Poem By Charlotte Humpries

Updated: Jan 13

Digital illustration of Mayer Short

I thought this voice was a friend.

It would help me to improve myself,

by telling me that I was not enough.

There is a voice in my head.

I thought it spoke the truth.

I would listen to all of its words,

and slowly it took over all of me.

There is a voice in my head.

I realised the voice was mine.

The criticism removed my identity.

I became a shadow of myself,

trying to become what it wanted.

There is a voice in my head,

One day I stopped to question it.

I pondered if the voice was helpful.

It didn’t like that thought at all,

only getting louder to drain it out.

There is a voice in head,

I noticed it stopped me living.

I was too afraid to do new things.

I spent so long listening to it,

Missing out on so many opportunities.

There is a voice in my head,

I stopped arguing with it.

I accepted it was a part of me.

It became was a lot less powerful.

I could learn to ignore its words.

There is a voice in my head,

It now warns me of danger.

When it gets too vocal or puts me down.

I tell it to shh and not to shout,

Because being me isn’t all that bad.

There is a voice in my head.

Just a voice it is.

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