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My name is Morayo and I am a fitness and lifestyle content creator on Instagram and YouTube (@morayoabiola). I like to see myself as ‘fitspo’ i.e., fitness inspiration, not body goals nor lifestyle goals, just inspiration and a positive source of motivation. I think it’s so important for women to have a place, whether this be online or offline to feel inspired and empowered and I like to think that my presence on social media allows just this.

A bit about myself… My fitness journey officially started in my first year at University. Prior to this, I have always engaged in physical activity, playing Netball at school and swimming as a child. I used fitness as a mental escape from University and its stresses, the coursework, constant deadlines and lecture after lecture. I studied quite a content heavy course at University – Chemical Engineering so any time I could get away from my books was much appreciated and fitness was a perfect escape as it also made me feel and look fab! Although I was a regular visitor at Loughborough Pure Gym – we’re talking friends with the staff lol, there was so much that I was doing wrong.

Firstly, I obsessed over this one specific body goal, following all girls with this physique, changing the background on my phone to ladies with this physique, watching YouTube videos about how to achieve this body, just obsessed! But this was bad! It’s okay to want to look a certain way but my approach was a bit over the top. Instead, I should have focussed more on how I felt, my mental and physical health and then I would have been best equipped to reach said goal. When I dropped that standard (which was somewhat unrealistic for my physique), I flourished and began to love myself and the journey that I was on. You have to be realistic with your goals, and love yourself at all stages of your journey and that way it will be fun, less toxic and a part of your lifestyle, rather than a burden you bear trying to achieve something very unrealistic. I continued my fitness journey throughout my entire University experience and shared this through social media.

When I was approached to collaborate with the_paintroom I jumped at the chance to work collaboratively with a growing business who produce amazing bespoke painting that make women feel confident in their bodies. Jasmine’s business is about empowering women and making them feel great which is a common value we share, instead, I do this through fitness. Far too often, social media presents unrealistic images and pictures of the female body which can affect our mental health in so many negative ways. Although I’m sure we are so aware that this is the case, constantly consuming this content, which seems seemingly perfect and somewhat positive can slowly grate away at us. My transparency allows those who support me to see the ups and downs of fitness and life in general which goes to show that although I am able to hit goals, it is not a smooth journey and nothing in life is perfect.

Fitness is not just about aesthetic but is also massively to do with your mental strength and growth. I advise anyone hoping to start their fitness journey to think about why they want to start, seek knowledge and motivation from positive, qualified and transparent individuals and not be too hard on themselves. Self-love is important, nobody is perfect and reaching perfection is impossible too. You have to fall in love with yourself now regardless of where you aspire to be.

If you take anything from this blog post I would hope it to be that you should be yourself unapologetically and if you have a goal, whether this be regarding your body/aesthetic or any life goal in general, it’s so important to find the fun in everything you do, enjoy every step of your journey and love what you do.

Wishing you all the best and tonnes of positive energy xo

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