Pose Ideas:

Firstly, you need to decide if you’d like a front facing, side facing or back facing nude - this determines a lot about the sort of pose works best. I find that the poses where the arms are raised above the head, but are still visible in the image work best - but that’s just me. I feel as though it gives the body more shape when part of the arms are just visible. In terms of what should get in the shot, collar bones to mid thigh works the best for both front and back facing poses, it allows for all curves to be visible whilst also filling up the majority of the canvas, leaving not too much white space (don’t worry too much about this as I will crop images accordingly). But most importantly, stand in a way which you makes you feel powerful, comfortable and PROUD OF THE SKIN YOU ARE IN.




_DSC1087 copy.jpg

Denise Branscombe


“I used a tripod and Bluetooth connection so we could get the best photo possible. It

worked a treat and we couldn’t stop laughing as he didn’t know why I wanted the

photo. He just thought “my lucks in!”.


Emma Tudor


"I would say definitely try to remember that you're sending your nude to an artist so they're going to be looking at it from an artist’s position, it doesn't need to be perfect (otherwise you could be there for hours). Pose in a position that feels comfortable for you, but I would recommend the mirror and keep your head out of the shot because sometimes that helps with confidence.”



_DSC0834 copy.jpg

Olivia Young


"I used my iPhone camera, turned it to front camera and used the screen record function to video myself moving into different poses. I then watched the video back in pause and moved along the video screenshotting any poses I liked. Would be easier if they had someone to take the photos for them but that’s not always doable!”


Charlotte Rogers


“I had a look at a few of your previous paintings before I attempted to take a nude for my commission to be honest, this gave me an idea of roughly how I wanted it to look. After this, I found taking a picture in a mirror worked best for me, I don't normally take many nudes so it wasn't easy! I panicked sending across a full nude so kept my underwear on, but that was more me feeling uncomfortable within myself rather than being sceptical.”




Sophie Mulgrove


"Front facing cameras help, self-timer or a selfie stick also! Just raise your head and stand how you feel most happy and comfortable. For me it was being brave enough to raise my arms and show my body tall and proud not slouched.”


Hannah Harrison


“I would suggest a self-timer or a video of a range of poses then screenshot the poses you like most from the video- literally just go for it, maybe have a drink before if you’re nervous but the end product is so worth a few nerves in the beginning."

_DSC0703 copy.jpg


Tips & Tricks for the perfect nude selfie