Sophie Mulgrove

 Painting Number: 18


Sophie had just ended a relationship and was moving back home during lockdown when she came across @ThePaintRoom. For her, buying a custom commission meant reclaiming her identity and reminding herself of who she is.

Why @ThePaintRoom?


“I was looking for an artist that had similar artistic aspects to Sophie Tea, who’s work I randomly came across, and @ThePaintRoom was a suggested follower. I instantly admired the way you captured the woman’s body so realistically and beautifully.  You made me feel so at ease talking to you and when sending you photographs of my body.”


What’s your story?

“I hugely admire all forms of art that shows the human body. During my relationship I never really got the chance to enjoy or explore my passion and admiration for body art. So finding your page made me realise and awoke my passion for it again. I wanted this painting as a present to myself to remind me that I am beautiful and worthy. Every day that painting reminds me to love myself and that we are all imperfectly perfect in our own individual way.”


Sending a Nude: Thoughts, tips and tricks

I  was so nervous sending a nude photo, but at the same time I just thought what is the worst that would happen?... Front facing cameras help, self-timer or a selfie stick also! Just raise your head and stand how you feel most happy and comfortable. For me it was being brave enough to raise my arms and show my body tall and proud not slouched.”

The aftereffects

Gratitude- for having a human body that works sufficiently enough for everyday life - not everyone has that…

…Appreciation- for the woman I am, how I have changed my body, how I am feeding it, looking after it, as well as enjoying all of life’s luxuries…

…Emotional- that this painting is the beginning of my self-love, and rediscovery of the true and real me…

…Do it for yourself, not vanity. We all struggle every day as a women and men with our self-confidence and insecurities, use this as a platform to accept who you are or as an opportunity to learn to love the body you are in.”